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TikTok User Transforms Garden with DIY Slat Fencing, Goes Viral

Do you ever look at your garden and feel an urgent desire to upgrade its look? A woman on TikTok recently demonstrated how she gave her garden a complete makeover using simple slat fencing, and her video has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes.

The woman, known as @casalawson on TikTok, shared a video documenting her garden’s transformation. “Just wait until you see the final result of my garden fencing project,” she wrote. She used roof battens, already treated for outdoor usage, and attached them to her existing fence with a nail gun. To ensure uniform spacing, she used a spacer between each batten.

Because the battens were quite long, she enlisted help for the project. The outcome was a contemporary-looking fence that completely transformed her garden’s aesthetic. She didn’t stop there; she painted her tiles white and used a stencil to add a chic black design. The before and after photos left viewers astounded. One commented: “This is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it, especially the fence idea.”

Another TikTok user said: “This is amazing, I love every bit of it, thank you for the tutorial.”

If you’re seeking more garden makeover inspiration, gardening expert Chris Pooley has shared his top 12 tips for beautifying your garden on a budget using items you likely already own. And the best part? His tips are all easy to implement.

Chris advises starting by adding pallet benches to create a cosy seating area. Decking is another excellent way to add dimension to your garden. If you’re looking to add a pop of colour, planters are your best bet, according to Chris.

He also suggests that water features can instantly elevate a bland garden. Old watering cans that were destined for the bin can be repurposed into charming garden lights. If you don’t have watering cans, old bedroom or Christmas lights can serve the same purpose.

Chris also recommends using old bricks to create striking borders, and old tyres can be repurposed into unique planters or even a small pond. He also suggests using old trays or tins for wall plants and old pallets for growing herbs.

Lastly, he advises that DIY enthusiasts can build a bench from old bricks and wood. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can always look up “gate repairs service” or “fence repairs near me” to find professionals who can do the job.

Don’t forget that adding a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your fence and other outdoor structures. A “Colourbond fence painter near me” search could lead you to professionals who specialize in Colourbond fence painting. Similarly, garage door painting can also add a fresh and appealing look to your outdoor space.

So, whether it’s adding a fresh coat of paint or repurposing old items, there are numerous ways to transform your garden into a beautiful oasis without breaking the bank.

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