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Lacombe’s Biannual ‘Trash to Treasure’ Week Promotes Community Recycling

As the autumn leaves begin to fall, the residents of Lacombe, Canada, are gearing up for the much-anticipated biannual “Trash to Treasure” week. This unique community initiative, which takes place every spring and autumn, is a testament to the town’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement. The upcoming event will commence on October 10th, with item collection starting on October 19th.

The concept is simple yet significant. Residents are encouraged to place their unwanted items near their property’s curb with a sign that reads ‘free.’ This allows other community members to give these items a new home, promoting the ethos of reuse and recycle. From an old Colourbond fence needing a touch of paint to a garage door that could use a little love, there are treasures to be found for those with an eye for potential.

The event not only encourages the community to declutter their homes but also provides opportunities for local businesses. For instance, a “Colourbond fence painter near me” or a “gate repairs service” might find materials or projects to work on. It’s a win-win situation that supports local businesses while promoting sustainability and community bonding.

However, not all items are welcome during the “Trash to Treasure” week. The City of Lacombe has outlined specific guidelines for the disposal and collection of items. Unmanageable piles or unsorted heaps will not be accepted. Residents are urged to sort their items into similar categories such as wood piles, metal piles, yard waste piles, and furniture piles.

Moreover, certain hazardous and construction waste items are not permitted. These include oil, cleaning solutions, paint, antifreeze, aerosols, railway ties, drywall, concrete, roofing materials, fence and deck boards, porcelain toilets or sinks, among others. Cardboard is also not accepted during this event and should be taken to the Wolf Creek Drive recycle site after being broken down.

As the event draws nearer, the City of Lacombe will release a collection schedule to ensure smooth operations. Residents are encouraged to participate actively, either by discarding items they no longer need or by finding treasures among the discarded items.

In light of recent developments with Canada’s Online News Act and Meta’s decision to remove access to local news from their platforms, Lacombe Online urges residents to stay informed about local events like “Trash to Treasure” week by bookmarking their page and downloading the Lacombe Online app.

The “Trash to Treasure” week is more than just a cleanup drive. It’s a testament to Lacombe’s commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and support for local businesses. So, whether you’re a homeowner looking for “fence repairs near me” or a DIY enthusiast searching for your next project, don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn someone else’s trash into your treasure.

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