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Maximize Your Garden Space with Strategic Fence Colours

Garden enthusiasts, take note! A renowned garden expert has shed light on how to make your outdoor space seem larger than it truly is. One of the greatest perks of owning a backyard is the opportunity to design it according to your preferences. Besides adorning it with your favourite flora, small alterations like a colour revamp can dramatically enhance the appearance of your garden, making it look more expansive.

If you’re considering a garden makeover, a seasoned professional has shared how fence colours can be leveraged to augment different spaces. Be it a compact courtyard or a sprawling green landscape, there’s a colour for every type of garden.

Angela Slater, an expert from Hayes Garden World, has revealed that dark colours can do wonders for medium-sized gardens by creating a striking contrast with the lush greenery. As reported by the Express, Slater explained: “A fence painted in dark colours generally makes an average-sized garden seem larger as it diverts the gaze from the fence to the vibrant plants.”

“If your garden is densely packed with plants, a black or dark graphite fence can act as a backdrop to the colours of your plants, highlighting light-coloured flowers and creating an illusion of depth. If your garden is predominantly green, consider painting your fence in dark olive or French navy to harmonise with your plants,” she added.

Slater also offered valuable advice for those with small courtyards. Light pastel hues such as cream, soft blue, light olive or dusky pink work best for these spaces. Choose a colour that complements the colour palette of your garden plants or even your garden furniture.

Slater advised: “Painting your small courtyard in dark colours can make it feel claustrophobic. However, if you’re going for a jungle vibe, then dark olive or graphite could create an illusion of depth and make tropical flowers pop.”

For themed courtyards like Mexican style, Slater suggests going with bright orange or deep yellow to accentuate the theme. Keep planting to a minimum and consider adding a small bistro set for added charm.

She further added: “A Provencal themed courtyard could be painted in sky blue and adorned with an attention-grabbing olive tree, lavender, rosemary and thyme. Opt for pale blue wrought iron seating to match the walls.”

If you’re planning on painting your fence and looking for a ‘Colourbond fence painter near me’, experts from Checkatrade recommend using a roller for this task. They suggest wearing eye protection and old clothes while laying a plastic tarp on the ground to safeguard any landscaping or grass.

To prepare the fence, sand it down if it’s wood or use an orbital sander or sanding block if it’s metal. Once your fence is dry, use your roller to paint the surface of the fence. Ensure thorough coverage by using slow and steady movements. Although using a roller is a quick way to cover your fence, there will be gaps that need to be filled in with a soft brush – especially for intricate designs.

Once the fence is fully painted, let it dry before applying a weatherproof sealant or topcoat. For any gate repairs service or fence repairs in Australia, consider hiring professionals to ensure quality work.

So whether you’re planning a garden makeover or looking into garage door painting, these tips will surely help you create an illusion of a larger space while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outdoor area.

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