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Expert Shares Colour Hacks to Amplify Garden Space and Aesthetics

In the world of gardening, colour can be a powerful tool. It can not only enhance the beauty of your garden but also play tricks on the eye to make your garden appear larger than it actually is. Gardening guru, Angela Slater from Hayes Garden World, shares her expert advice on how to use colours to your advantage.

Slater recommends utilizing darker hues for medium-sized gardens. “The trick is to divert the focus from the fence to the flora,” she explains. “A fence painted in darker shades, such as black or dark graphite, creates a backdrop that accentuates the colours of your plants and gives an illusion of depth.”

This technique is especially effective if your garden is densely populated with plants. The dark fence acts as a canvas, making light-coloured flowers pop and giving depth to your plant arrangement. For gardens abundant with greenery, Slater suggests painting your fence in dark olive or French navy to harmonize with your plants.

However, the rules change when dealing with smaller spaces like courtyard gardens. Here, Slater advises using pastel shades like light blue, sage green or dusky pink for the fences. It’s crucial to ensure that the chosen colour complements the rest of your garden furniture and theme.

“Painting a small courtyard in dark colours can make it feel oppressive,” warns Slater. But if you’re aiming for a jungle vibe, dark olive or graphite can work wonders by providing depth and highlighting tropical flowers.

For themed courtyards, Slater encourages embracing vibrant colours. A Mexican or Spanish themed garden could benefit from a bright yellow or orange fence to reinforce the theme. In such gardens, it’s advisable to limit the number of plants and opt for a quaint bistro set over a modern rattan set.

“A Provencal-themed courtyard could be painted in sky blue and planted with a statement olive tree, lavender, rosemary and thyme,” suggests Slater. “A pale blue wrought-iron seating arrangement would blend well with the walls.”

Slater also recommends the use of outdoor mirrors to create an illusion of a larger garden. “Place a mirror at the end of a path or garden,” she says. “It gives the impression of an additional section waiting to be explored.” To enhance this effect, she suggests placing an arbour covered with climbers around the mirror, creating a portal into another spacious garden.

If you’re looking for a “Colourbond fence painter near me”, ensure that they are aware of these colour tactics. The right Colourbond fence painting can significantly enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal and perceived size.

Before painting fences, it’s essential to ensure it’s a dry day and that the fence has been properly sanded and primed. If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, there are plenty of “Fence repairs near me” services that can help with the process.

In conclusion, colours can be a gardener’s best friend. With the right shades and techniques, you can transform your garden into a spacious haven. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a garage door painting or gate repairs service, remember that colour is a powerful tool in your gardening arsenal.

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