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Social Media Duo Shares Innovative Fence Painting Hack

As the summer sun shines brightly and children enjoy their school-free days, many homeowners are taking advantage of the season to add some sparkle to their outdoor spaces. Among them are a social media-famous couple, Lou and Clay, who go by the handle @reno_at_95. After moving into a semi-attached house in Chesterfield built in 1932, they’ve dedicated their time to refurbishing their new home.

Their most recent project involved revamping their garden, starting with a worn-out grey fence that was crying out for a makeover. The couple initially started painting the fence using a traditional paintbrush, but soon discovered a clever trick that made the job much easier.

Through a video shared on their social media platforms, the couple demonstrated how uneven and patchy the paint appeared when applied with a brush. Not to be deterred, they quickly switched tactics, swapping the paintbrush for a common household sponge.

In the video, they dipped the sponge into a can of brown paint and smoothly applied it to the fence. The result was a seamless, even coat of paint that seemed to be applied effortlessly. They captioned the video: “For all you fence painters use a sponge not a brush,” followed by a flexed bicep emoji. They further added in the caption, “You can thank me later.”

The video quickly garnered attention, with viewers rushing to comment on this ingenious hack. One viewer lamented, “Wish I knew this before we painted our garden,” followed by two laughing emojis. Another viewer shared that they’ve been using this method for years, even using a car wash sponge to paint their walls.

A third viewer expressed gratitude for the tip, saying, “As someone who needs to paint their fence… thank you,” accompanied by a laughing emoji and a red heart emoji. However, not everyone was convinced about the effectiveness of this hack. Some viewers expressed concern about bits of sponge getting stuck to the fence or the sponge tearing apart after a few uses.

Regardless of the mixed reactions, Lou and Clay’s fence painting hack has certainly sparked interest among homeowners and those in the fence/home painting industry. If you’re looking for a Colourbond fence painter near you or needing gate repairs service, you might want to consider trying out this hack.

For those who are skeptical about using a sponge, you might want to stick with traditional methods or consider hiring professional fence repairs near you. But for those who are up for an experiment and looking to add some fun to their DIY projects, this could be a game-changer.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your Colourbond fence painting or planning some garage door painting this summer, remember that sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to surprisingly effective results. And if all else fails, there’s always the option of calling in professionals to get the job done right.

In today’s digital age where social media platforms are brimming with creative ideas and hacks, it’s always exciting to see what innovative techniques people come up with. From fence painting to home renovations, there’s always something new to learn and try out. So why not grab that sponge and give your old fence a fresh new look?

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